Jagger Hatewolf

Level 1 Wood Elf Barbarian Werewolf

Jagger Hatewolf last son of the Alpha, Uther Hatewolf – Ice elf barbarian werewolf.

Jagger is the last Hatewolf, for his pack is no more. A supernatural catastrophe destroyed most of the Icejaw mountains, which was Hatewolf territory. All that is left is a enormous cavern filled with a necrotic fog. Hundreds of earth motes that fill the air with arcane lightning undulating between them is all that remains of the once vast mountain range. All of his people are gone and now he is one of the five Wolfkings of the Werewolf Nation. He now seeks to rebuild his pack, discover what caused his people’s demise and continue to bring glory and respect to the Hatewolf name.

He has three wolves with him to help hunt food, keep watch ,send messages, and uses one as a pack animal.

Jagger Hatewolf

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