Eons of War

Meet the Vermineeters

A long time ago, in a land far, far away…

Jagger Hatewolf and Ella stood at the entrance to a cavern with a goblin guard shouting an alarm. Jagger tried to kill the creature but it took a blast from Ella to bring it down. The duo tried to sneak into the cavern, with Ella hiding in the shallow stream that ran through the cavern. They soon found themselves confronting wolves chained inside. The snarling creatures were soon killed, but not before Ella suffered a mortal wound. Luckily, Jagger was able to administer first aid and after a rest, she was able to continue the journey.

Further inside the cave, they saw a goblin attempting to hide on a bridge ahead of them. They decided to climb a side passage in order to sneak up on the creature, but found themselves in a room with several goblins holding Sildar Hallwinter as hostage. The leader of the creatures threatened to throw the badly injured Sildar off a ledge, but the companions managed to make quick work of the Vermineeters before they could harm Sildar…



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