Eons of War

Hunting Goblins

A long time ago, in a land far, far away…

Jagger Hatewolf and Ella stopped on the Torrin Trail to investigate the two dead horses blocking their path. They recognized the horses as those belonging to their current employer, Gundren Rockseeker, and his human escort.

As they were investigating, several goblins attacked them from the bushes. Jagger flew into a rage and shifted into his werewolf form. The first goblin was easily killed and the second tried to flee, only to be hunted down and mauled unto death. Jagger then proceeded to mutilate the bodies before the companions struck out down a goblin trail.

They soon came to a snare trap, which Ella found herself caught in. Jagger decided to hide in the woods, using Ella hanging by her hand as bait. Sure enough more goblins arrived and the companions made quick work of the vile beasts.

Further up the trail, they managed to avoid a pit trap and eventually found the mouth of a cavern. To get a good look at the area, Jagger threw Ella into the air for her to get a bird’s eye view. She spotted one goblin guard resting in a blind before Jagger caught her. Jagger decided to sneak toward the cave entrance to get the drop on the goblins. Unfortunately, the goblin was roused and quickly raised an alarm…



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