Eons of War

On to Glory and Riches!

A long time ago, in a land far, far away…

Deuce Brickinson, Harsh, Rezin and Barabas Murdertooth traveled across a bridge over a swift stream toward the town of Marrthorn. Just after the bridge, they discovered signs of a recent confrontation, but the only thing left behind was a chainsaw sword. Deuce claimed the weapon and they headed out. At Marrthorn, they met with Lord Grebes who offered them gold to bring back information about Rodaag Wildfist’s hordes quartered at the nearby Darthow Monastery. At the Lord’s suggestion, they also visited Kharas, a dwarven monk of Neto. He offered the group an additional gold to bring back information about the ancient minotaur temple the monastery was supposedly built upon, as well as the return of the sword called Final Death. They also met an Eladrin sage named Valthrun that offered his knowledgeable services in exchange for the Winterbole Codex that was said to be hidden in the monastery. With missions in hand and funding secured, the companions set out to enter the monastery grounds through a breach in its outer wall. After several hours of travel, they encountered a barbarian riding a large wolf. The animal howled to the sky and the barbarian held his great ax aloft in anticipation of battle…



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