Eons of War


A long time ago, in a land far, far away…
Deuce Brickinson, Harsh, Rezin and Barabas Murdertooth continued battling Horde scouts that interrupted them on their mission way to Darthow Monastary. The mercenaries won the battle and stripped the enemy bodies of loot before heading out again. After a preliminary search of the grounds, they entered a breach in the wall that surrounded the hill of Darthow.

They found themselves in a lush, overgrown garden before hearing singing voices. The foursome discovered five beautiful nymphs near a clear pool. The frisky females wanted the group to share secrets with them as a game. But when Rezin confessed to his love of butt milk, the companions realized the price for playing the game was their constitution. The group decided to quit the game, but the nymphs grew enraged and attacked with whispers on the wind…



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