Eons of War

Deuce is Dead

A long time ago, in a land far, far away…

Deuce Brickinson, Harsh, Rezin and Barabas Murdertooth continued battling two owlbears that emerged from a dilapidated shack in the overgrown grove surrounding [[Darthow Monastery]. Harsh used his ninja skills to strike at the beasts with throwing stars and his katana. However, Rezin’s spells continued to miss the targets and Barabas stood stunned from the shrieking creatures. One of the owlbears was eventually destroyed, throwing the other into a frenzy. It killed Deuce and then tried to take down Barabas. Under threat, Barabas came to his senses and struck a lethal blow to the creature’s neck. With their leader now dead, The Smashing Bastards decided to head back to Marrthorn in hopes of rest and resurrection…



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