Eons of War

Back Through the Breach

A long time ago, in a land far, far away…

Harsh, Rezin and Barabas Murdertooth headed back to Marrthorn with the dead Deuce Brickinson being dragged in a litter. They arrived after midnight and awoke Kharas, the town priest of Neto. The group did not have sufficient funds to pay to have their leader resurrected, but Kharas took what they good give along with reassurances that The Smashing Bastards would fulfill their mission to retrieve Final Death for the one-armed dwarf.

With Deuce fully restored, they headed out again to Darthow Monastery. They again entered through the breach in the wall a trudged through the feygrove toward a distant bell tower. When they arrived in the area, they spotted an eladrin female being chased by two displacer beasts. She fell to the ground and the commotion awoke a small flock of stirges nesting in the ruined tower. The stirges immediately attacked the woman while the displacer beasts shifted their attention to the companions. Deauce found the beasts hard to focus on and could not land any blows. Rezin and Barabas were much more successful, and Harsh was able to hit two of the stirges with his throwing stars. But the displacer beasts showed no signs of weakening and stirges continued to suck the life from the mysterious eladrin…



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